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Ac.Milan’s crisis continues rolling on as they were knocked out of the Champions League after losing against Athletic Madrid with a 4-1 final scoreboard and Seedorf still seems to be struggling trying to coach the first club of his career.

Seedorf deployed Mario Balotelli as a lone striker against Athletic Madrid but the fact is that the former Manchester City player barely had any moments to shine as Ac.Milan struggled in the midfield and failed on keeping control of the ball for more than a few seconds during the 2nd half of the match.

Ricardo Kaka clearly was the best player of Ac.Milan in the pitch as he scored the only goal for the Italian club and was a constant threat with continuous runs upfront but Mario Balotelli simply disappeared.

The situation of Ac.Milan is dyer as the players still have not adapted to what Clarence Seedorf is trying to develop and the rumors continue on being spread around concerning the future of Mario Balotelli as he is a high-profile target of Chelsea and Arsenal.

When Balotelli made his way out of Manchester City, the Italian forward said that he will not join any other club in England different than Manchester City but some of his recent statements suggest him wanting a move to Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea.

‘’Of course I would like to play under Jose again. In my first days at Inter we had some problems, but then it turned into a mutual respect, and now we have a real friendship. It is never boring playing under Jose. When you are in Mourinho’s team it is a family and he coaches on the principal that if all is well with the family it doesn’t matter what is going on outside the team’’. Balotelli stated.

Jose Mourinho has already displayed his desire of bringing Balotelli to Chelsea as he would boost the attacking department of the club.