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Cristiano Ronaldo Should Be First Target Of David Beckham For Inter Miami CF

The recent presentation of David Beckham of his MLS franchise crest and name signaled another wave of excitement towards soccer coming back to the South Florida. This season, the pressure on Beckham will be more to succeed in Miami. He has especially given the compromise his investment group as well as he and is asking the city to make.

There is even more pressure considering the last failure of Ex MLS franchise Miami Fusion that folded in the year 2001. The Inter Miami CF is all set to go in 2020, and that with no players, no stadium and no coach. Beckham and people on his side have their work cut out. Many things need to be brought into place if CR7 is to be convinced to make Inter Miami CF his home for the upcoming inaugural season.

In the year 2020, “the Cristiano Ronaldo will turn 35 years and will be in contract with Juventus still. “ Nevertheless, just like many other things in life, the money talks, and bringing Cristiano Ronaldo to America would be an investment that is worth making for sure. In football both “Ronaldo and Beckham are“ two most popular faces. Beckham is the most popular non-playing soccer player worldwide and there is no denying for Cristiano Ronaldo as well.

Both the players carried the 7 shirt weight, which is the famous Manchester United number, both guys wore the Real Madrid admirably and both of them are international icons. So, one can easily imagine the fun that marketing gurus will have when both the players will be parallel. Even the world is enthusiastic about the same and looking forward to it positively. Meanwhile, the MLS is in the process of reducing the stigma that they are a retirement league.