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An analyst with SunSport Danny Higginbotham says that Paul Pogba is a complete midfielder and is a better player than the younger version of Yaya Toure.

Paul Pogba returned to Old Trafford after leaving four years ago due to lack of playing time and issues with wages. He returned to the club after he established himself at Italian giant Juventus, wining the Serie A every year since he joined. He broke the transfer fee record when the Red Devils paid £89 million for the deal. There have been a lot of arguments about the deal, with may doubting that the player was worth such a huge deal.

Higginbotham is one of those who stand on the side of the player. He said the France international was a complete midfielder and one of the few existing ones. The analyst says the player is a reminder of player such as Patrick Viera, with defensive and attacking prowess. He said players were now sitters such as Kante or could go the expansive route like Eden Hazard of Chelsea. He argued that Kante cannot do what Hazard can and Hazard can’t do Kante’s job very well. He said Pogba was someone who could handle both positions well. Pogba has been compared to the best version of Yaya Toure, but the analyst claimed he was a better player than the Manchester City man.

Higginbotham said Viera could make a tackle at his own end and then move on to send an accurate cross into the box at the other end. He continued saying the player was the perfect choice considering that coach Jose Mourinho was trying to make Man United a counter attacking side again. He advised Man United to play him deep as he would be better than playing as a No 10.