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Ivory Coast went through a very dramatic penalty session

Ivory Coast went through a very dramatic penalty session with Ghana which concluded in a 9-8 victory for the Ivorian nation as they were claimed as the champions of the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations.

This match was played a few months ago in February and even though it was a historical moment for the national football team of Ivory Coast as the national side lifted their 2nd ever African Cup of Nations.

Despite winning the prestigious piece of silverware, it was a bittersweet victory for Ivory Coast as YayaToure has hinted a possibility of retiring from playing in the international stage as the Manchester City player stated that he has achieved his target with his national team and his time performing for his country might be reaching it’s end.
Manchester City’s YayaToure said: "My future?' You have to wait. Now, my target is done. We have to wait for a couple of days and see what we can do.

"My brother has retired, and Boubacar Barry (the Ivorian goalkeeper) as well. The time of the youngsters will come soon. We need to let them.It's always beautiful when everything is going in the right way. I'm delighted with the trophy of 2015. Now we just want to focus, I will wait a couple of days before we decide my future."

YayaToure currently has a contract with Manchester City which extends until 2017 but Inter Milan‘s Roberto Mancini is interested in signing the Ivorian midfielder and if the price is right, he might be leaving the Premier League to join the Italian club.

There is a financial problem that is standing in the way of Roberto Mancini signing his desired target and that’s it’s the fact that YayaToure is one of the best paid players in the world and it remains unsure if Inter Milan would be willing to match what he is currently earning in Manchester City.