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Joselu targets Manchester City and Yaya Toure

Joselu, the Germany born Spanish striker, has ripped into Manchester City and Yaya Toure in particular for the absence of energy in the away leg of the recent European tie against Real Madrid.

Recollecting how Toure had absolutely butchered his team Stoke City with his energy in one of the Premiership games in April, Joselu wondered why the legendary midfielder was so within himself playing at Bernabeu.

Joselu believes if there was a night where the high level of energy had to be shown and a hell of a lot of running was required, it was that night as it could have earned City something they never had before which is the ticket to the European final.

Joselu also disclosed that he had a discussion with the other players in the Potters squad and there were remarks coming from them that it was that sort of show from City where it seemed as if they were just having a light session of a bit of ball kicking among their buddies in the backyard of their house.

As per Joselu, semi-final was not an exception for City in terms of them having a bad outing. It was actually the summary of the season for them as they have done poorly all season and probably undeservedly got to that far in Europe.

Never before this season had City been in the Round of 4 in the European Cup and the farthest they had been to in the tournament was the pre-quarter final. So, in that sense, it is not that bad for them even though they are not in title round.

But, the Sky Blues might not find themselves playing in the competition next season as they are not a guarantee for top 4 in the Premiership right now.

That can change though if there are two wins for them in the two games to be played.