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There’s a limit to what a human being can do. Same goes for an organization. Manchester City has imported almost all of Barca’s used and underutilized qualities, yet they remain far away from lifting the UEFA Champions League. Same goes for PSG.

The last a team was that obsessed with European glory was Chelsea FC. Under the demanding days of club owner Abrahimovic, the Russian business magnate dismissed and hired faster than he changed his overcoats, yet the only manager who could deliver the Blues’ most coveted trophy was the one who they never wanted in the first place: a caretaker.

Juventus have just revealed that they will be injecting 300 million euros into the clubs’ transfer coffers in hope that should Cristiano Ronaldo fail to help them win the UEFA Champions League trophy, they will keep hunting till they find his successor.

Having dominated the Serie A to the point that even when they got relegated from the top flight for corrupt practices, it took them only a couple of years to bounce back, re-colonize the league and even land the World Best Player in hopes to dominate not just Italy but the whole of Europe.

It begs the question if this plan will work though. For one Cristiano Ronaldo is not the kind of player you see every decade. More like a lifetime. And even if they find a stalwart similar to the Portuguese captain, how are they so sure in the age of extreme small attention span and celebrity worshipping for any small achievement on the field of play won’t detract him from being disciplined enough to consistently put in the work to become world class.

The other big giants won’t be sleeping either. Bidding war is not new and for all of Juve’s latest successes even Manchester United was able to convince Paul Pogba to ditch them.