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Jamie Carragher has slammed the performances of midfielder Yaya Touré

Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher has slammed the performances of midfielder Yaya Touré after the Ivory Coast international was almost anonymous in the recent 2-1 defeat against Arsenal.

The loss comes as a major setback for Manchester City, who were hoping to turn round the corner with a win. It was yet another disappointing result for the team in North London after they had suffered a similar poor performance against Tottenham at White Hart Lane a few months ago. The defeat raises questions about their ability to challenge for a title this season.A number of City players have been guilty of underperforming in recent years.

Touré has received the most criticism amongst them. The Ivory Coast international is capable of dominating the centre of midfield every time he steps out of the pitch. However, there is a consensus that he has not been at his 100% in the last 24 months. Getting the best out of the 32-year-old will be the main priority for Pellegrini. Even though Touré came up with a goal in the 82nd minute, it was too late for City to salvage anything out of the game. Carragher has branded the Ivory Coast international as being too selfish for the benefit of the team.

Mesut Ozil provided both assists for Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud to score.“It's like he comes alive. It's like 'oh we can get a goal, there's a chance at a bit of glory and being involved. But they lost the game tonight and one of the reasons is the space (Mesut) Ozil had behind him. It's nothing new, I'm not saying anything we haven't said for the last two or three years.You're talking about one of your major players, one of your leaders in a dressing room; that's unbelievably selfish that, the way he's played tonight,” said Carragher.