Ronaldo has been given a leave of absence by his club Juventus to attend to his mother. The mother of the superstar is hospitalized after suffering a suspected stroke.


Having Cristiano Ronaldo amongst its ranks has allowed Juventus to grow a pair large enough to allow just about any player that wants an out, an exit.
Paulo Dybala is the latest one to be involved in the “I am not happy here” card but fortunately for the Turin giants, Tottenham Hotspur backed out of the deal citing inability to meet Dybala’s wage.
Six months after the move fell through, the Argentina international is believed to be on the brink of extending his contract with the Old Lady.


There’s a limit to what a human being can do. Same goes for an organization. Manchester City has imported almost all of Barca’s used and underutilized qualities, yet they remain far away from lifting the UEFA Champions League. Same goes for PSG.

Serbian Fans Chant ‘Messi’, Ronaldo Scores Goal

Star football player from Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo responded to the ‘Messi’ chants from a Serbian crowd with a goal. He is known to take advantage of the away crowds for a very long time. Each and every time the crowd tries to involve in some kind of activity that humiliates him, he boosts his own confidence and self-belief, rather than losing the focus and aim. Ronaldo can take the strength from the humiliations which he faces during his away matches and the last laugh is achieved by him.

The same thing happened at the Euro qualifier match for 2020 between Serbia and Portugal. The home supporters were desperately making an attempt to enrage and irritate Ronaldo whenever he touched the ball during the game. Serbian fans were taunting the Portuguese player from the very beginning of the match and they even chanted the name of Messi. They thought that he would not be able to concentrate on his play. But, he scored a goal, instead which made 3-1 with a clear finish at the end of the 80th minute. He rejoiced his goal in his usual ‘Siii’ style
celebration which made the Serbian fans went silent and no more chants were being heard from the crowd. Apart from him, Bernardo Silva, William Carvalho, and Goncalo Guedes also scored goals for the match.


The appointment of Maurizio Sarri by Juventus is arguably the biggest managerial move this summer perhaps second to that of Antonio Conte to Inter Milan. The Italian tactician would be entering the shoed left by Max Allegri at the club.

He also faces a similar job to that of last summer which is how does he change a club used to winning ugly into an attractive football team. From the evidence seen at Chelsea, he achieved little success with the famous Sarriball playing style.
However, at Juventus, he has better tools than at Chelsea and he should be able to implement his style of play to good effect at the club.


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