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Now Leader at Juventus in the form of Cristiano Ronaldo

After getting dismissed from an individualistic character, and since being moved from Madrid to Turin the Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo has proven himself to be a great and real player.

But he made this decision prove right and even made Juventus realize his importance by scoring and assisting third time in the row on Friday. He made the right decision for his team and even won by 3-0 over Frosinone. He had also made goals for his team against Parma and Sassuolo in the earlier two leagues’. This is the second time in the history of 33 years that Ronaldo scored and side by side set up the goal in three games continuously.

“Last time this happened in November 2014, when he was still with Real Madrid“. As he made 19th goal his lead was extended to the top of the Series i.e. a goal chart and also right now, he has had the “most number of assists“ in the join part of the football league.

Though Juve(team player) didn’t know that he was and is a sensitive character, his team in his former club has seen his sudden fights either on the field or off it, has been always been a topic of debate but after playing in the recent matches with him Juve got to know about his sensitive parts. The player has made it a point to prove that he is a world class player time and time again and leader in Turin in the recent matches after controlling his emotions. And now both Juve and Ronaldo are helping each other to grow and bring out best of them on the field. It will be interesting to see how the player fares out in the remaining part of the League.