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Ronaldo deserves Ballon d'Or

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri believes that his player Cristiano Ronaldo deserves to win the Ballon d'Or. He made the statement after some rumors that the Portuguese player was not on the shortlist of players that are competing for the trophy.

He said that Ronaldo has been an outstanding player last season and that he deserves to win the competition. He said that the player has been really good with Real Madrid last season and that he needs to be among the players that are selected for the award.

The Juventus coach said that it was his good form that prompted the club to sign him as they feel that he can help them win the Champions League.

“He said that the Portuguese player has been outstanding ever since joining the Italian club“ and that he is looking forward for more from the player. He said that he has had so much influence on the younger players and they all want to emulate what he has achieved. Allegri said that the Portuguese player is more than just a world-class player as he is a real “leader on the pitch“.

Massimiliano Allegri said that the objective of Juventus is to win the Champions League and they feel that with a player such as Cristiano Ronaldo in the team they will be able to achieve that. However, he admitted that the team should not only rely on him and continue to play as a team. He said that this collective gameplay has made the strength of Juventus in recent years and it is important that it is not disrupted by the arrival of a player such as Ronaldo. He believes that the team will become better as the season goes by and that they will be able to mount a serious challenge for the title.