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Manchester City star player Yaya Toure has asked that media and the club not get too excited about new addition Gabriel Jesus.

The Brazil international has netted three times in four games since he resumed at the club. Toure warns that this could allow the young player lose focus.

“He is a very good player; very quick, sharp and clever. We realise we have to be careful, though, and we shouldn’t get too excited because he has to be focused. What we want to do is just continue to keep going and, at the end of the season, we can talk about him,” the Ivorian said.

The former Ivory Coast international defended the idea of having a lot of young players at the Etihad.

“We need to have young players because City are always a team who wants to win the league. The mentality of the club is to try to get new players in and try to do as best as possible.

“When you see Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva, Jesus, Sane and Raheem Sterling playing well you realise we have a great squad with some young players,” he said.

Since the move of Jesus to the Premier League the media has been filled with the player’s achievements. Many are already saying he could be the winter signing of the season. City have moved to third place as Jesus’ goal helped the club get a late victory as competitors slip last week.

Tour admits that it is tough to rival log leaders Chelsea for the Premier League. Fourteen games are left but both sides have ten points between them with Chelsea not losing points as often as others.

“We are 10 points behind Chelsea. The Premier League is very, very tough and all we have to do is just focus on ourselves and keep going,” Toure added.