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Toure Continues Criticism Of City

Yaya Toure has criticized his club Manchester City for not allowing him to spend a few days with one of his siblings Ibrahim who passed away recently.

Ibrahim was at the last stage of his cancer when the Premier League season finished. His health was deteriorating very quickly and his family members including Yaya knew that he might not remain alive for a long period of time. So, the veteran midfielder wanted to stay with him for some time, but, he was prevented from doing so by Manchester City which told him to travel to United Arab Emirates instead for the celebration of the club’s title victory.

When Yaya returned from UAE, after Yacht Chartering in Scotland, he had to take the flight to Brazil immediately for representing his country Ivory Coast in the FIFA World Cup 2014. So, he couldn’t give any time to Ibrahim and he is not feeling good about it all.

Speaking in one of his recent interviews, Yaya said, “I am feeling absolutely devastated at the moment. I needed to be with him during the last days of his life, but, I couldn’t and that’s because City didn’t let me do so. I was asked to go to Abu Dhabi when my brother was fighting for his life in Manchester.”

“It’s my fault as well to some extent. I should have insisted on staying in England, but, I agreed to travel to the Emirates. It has been an extremely difficult phase for me, the past few months.”

Yaya had played a big role in making City lift the Premier League trophy in the last season. He had featured in 35 of their 38 league games and had scored 20 goals. He also captained the side on a few occasions in the absence of Vincent Kompany.