Unlike C.Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and other players Frank Lampard has already qualified into the 2014 World Cup as England finished on top of Group H with 22 points and the English midfielder said he can enjoy this week without having any pressure.

The Chelsea midfielder also went on to talk about the recent changes that England has been going through with the blend of players that have different ages.

“It is great position for the manager because a couple of years ago there were questions about where the youngsters were, and we have watched them step up,” he added.

Which teams will top the league?

Although the MLS or Major League Soccer has only been around since 1996, when the first MLS games were played, today everyone is fairly familiar with it.

In terms of football quality it is hardly at the level of top European leagues such as La Liga and the Premier League, nevertheless there is some excellent sport to be enjoyed, and some great betting opportunities. There are 19 teams, 16 from the US and the other from Canada, and the main season starts in March and ends in October.
This is followed by playoffs among the top ten teams which end in the MLS Cup final.


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