Which teams will top the league?

Although the MLS or Major League Soccer has only been around since 1996, when the first MLS games were played, today everyone is fairly familiar with it.

In terms of football quality it is hardly at the level of top European leagues such as La Liga and the Premier League, nevertheless there is some excellent sport to be enjoyed, and some great betting opportunities. There are 19 teams, 16 from the US and the other from Canada, and the main season starts in March and ends in October.
This is followed by playoffs among the top ten teams which end in the MLS Cup final.


Wigan Athletic has defeated Reading FC in a Premier League match played at Madejski Stadium on Saturday. Wigan won the match with ease by 3-0. This was only the 6th match won by Wigan in the ongoing Premier League. With this win, Wigan has gone ahead of Aston Villa in the points table. Both Wigan and Villa have 24 points in 27 matches, but, Wigan is ahead on the basis of goal difference. Currently Wigan is at no. 17, while, Villa is at no. 18.


No team wants to face a penalty situation, but for a club whose books are already in disarray, a possible ten-point deduction in next season's kick off is an especially unwelcome prospect for the Portsmouth Club.

The third-tier English football team was relegated from second division last year. In addition, they are struggling to restructure their finances from the current position of £60 million in the red. A possible sale of the club may also be in the works.

Hammers up for good?

When West Ham United were relegated after a 3-2 defeat to Wigan at the end of the 2010/2011 season the Premier League lost one of England’s most famous clubs.

But a victory for the Hammers in last season’s Championship Play-off final secured their immediate return to the top flight, where many people feel they belong. But with some of their key players leaving in the summer transfer window, are they strong enough stay there?


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